Modern Prarie Estate

Iconic Modern Architecture requires a compelling landscape to compliment the simple but elegant shapes and building forms.

Native plants accentuate the clean lines of the architecture.

From the delicate blue-green- sage color in spring to the silvery puffs when in bloom, Elliott’s Love Grass sets the stage. Aesthetics aside, the key aspect of this Gulf Coast Landscape is that it celebrates the natural beauty of native plants while demonstrating that the indigenous landscape can be the most appropriate, authentic, and pleasing choice. The Landscape Design for this Guy Peterson Designed residence was greatly influenced by the house architecture as well as the positioning on the site. Situated on the corner of Orange and Prospect, the inspiration was to accentuate the floating aspect of the house by planting a “sea” of Elliott’s Love Grass at the “prow”of the architecture.

Following the City of Sarasota’s strict shade and street tree requirements, we were able to place 15 palms and four, 5” caliper shade trees on a small site without obstructing the architecture or feeling overly planted. 90% of all plant material selected are Native Florida plants.

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2015 Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects Award of Merit for Residential Design