Kiehl Residence

Sarasota landscape architect Dane Spencer brings beauty and order – and smooth transitions – to this waterfront home’s garden.

A passage from the front of this home to the waterfront gets the royal treatment with a modern arbor and an inviting pathway

The Kiehl Residence is located on the water South of the Trail in Sarasota. This original single-story waterfront house built in the 1960s needed a treatment on the side yard that had become a no-mans land. A large Tuscan-style mansion was built west of the property line, and required softening and screening so that the new, large home did not dominate the homeowner’s views.


A cypress arbor and brick pathway creates an entry and focal point from the side-yard to the waterfront. Lush plantings soften the adjacent stucco wall and provide a vista toward the back brick patio.

  • Native plantings mixed with sub-tropicals provides a natural landscape the blends well with surrounding landscape
  • Brick path creates a visual cue to direct the eye, as well as being functional
  • Cypress arbor creates an interesting entry to the side-yard, while acting to screen an existing service area